Apart from the manufacturing of RY-UP Toggle clamps and distribution of Siegmund welding tables JC-Metal s.r.o. is also engaged in piece and small series production cooperation.

In terms of use of the free production capacity of the machine park, we are capable of offering the following to you:

- Milling

- Electro erosion machining (wire cutter)

- Lathe turning

- Flat / Round grinding

- Welding

- Cutting by laser and water beam

- Surface finishing

        - anodizing, zinc-plating, blackening, nickel-plating, costing, etc.

        - nitro bonding, hardening, nitriding, sanding, milling, etc.


What you can expect from us:

- Short delivery deadlines

- Reliable communication

- Time flexibility in terms of demand

- Realisation according to your requirement


In case of interest you can contact the head of production by e-mail: vyroba@jc-metal.cz, or by telephone +420 736 626 608.