We have been working in the field of welding since 1997. That is why we have expanded our portfolio with services in the same field. We have decided to make good use of many years of our experience in the field of welding in the new JC Design project. With this step, we are expanding our offer, especially towards design and interior projects.


Experience and our equipment allow us to realize many solutions at JC Design. From small standardized interior accessories, such as coffee tables or flower pot stands, to custom-made interior partitions, fully according to the customer's wishes.


We are prepared to cooperate with:




The right equipment breathes life into every architectural project. Standardized furniture and tailor-made solutions meet the highest requirements for variability and contemporary design.


companies, studios


We make it possible to create an interior according to the clients' ideas, to design non-standard quality solutions for any space. We will be happy to help you with those.




It is possible to create furniture or partitions, which can become part of the building solution already at its beginning. We have been working with designers from the beginning to fine-tune the common vision in detail.


end user


We find a high quality solution for your interior, made-to-order in the Czech Republic, with the possibility of production. We are happy to realize any idea.

An example of our cooperation: Hand sanitizer


JC-Design can meet completely new requirements therefore, one of the pilot projects was a disinfection stand. Hand disinfection has become an integral part when entering public buildings and offices. The stand with automatic gel dosing is in a minimalist design and fits every interior. It is equipped with a durable Komaxit treatment, the color of which customers can choose e.g. according to company colors. Thanks to a solid metal base the stand is heavy and stable. There is no need to anchor to the floor for installation, so it can be placed anywhere, or moved as needed.


Is there any task already you would like to consult with JC Design? Do you want to know more? Please, check out the website and contact us.