Custom design
and engineering work.

Custom project and design work. Preparation of individual fixtures and solutions in the field of welding, metal machining, and other engineering production.

Explanation of the design work process

Client's requirements

Thorough and accurate input of information leads to precise results. Therefore, we strive to specify this most important phase with the client as accurately as possible.

Documentation handover

We propose the final solution using a 3D CAD program and thus prefer input in the form of 3D models.

Project processing

During the project processing, we consult with the client to ensure they have an overview of its progress. Each project starts with a blank sheet of paper, and processing timelines vary from case to case.


The offer is presented in written form with a precise itemized list. If requested by the client, a presentation can be conducted at the client's location with involved staff, including a demonstration of the project in a 3D presentation.

Service and support

Expansion or potential rapid modification of the fixture is straightforward, and our employees are always ready to assist with implementation.

Delivery, installation, tuning

The installation of more complex assemblies on-site is a standard procedure. Subsequently, fine-tuning and familiarization with proper usage take place.


We are interested in the outcome of our work. Therefore, we maintain communication with the client even after the project is completed.


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