Wide range of quality products, tools, and welding accessories for engineering production.

RY-UP toggle clamps

Toggle clamps and clamps are primarily designed for clamping in welding industry, assembly, or measuring fixtures, and welding positioners. The advantage of RY-UP toggle clamps is their precise design with emphasis on durability.

Welding kits

Siegmund kits with a universal system of clamping elements are designed as modular and offered in several dimensional series. Although the entire kit system is primarily designed for clamping in welding, it can also be used in other areas, such as clamping in measuring or assembly fixtures.

Rotary platform

The universal mechanical rotary trolley is designed for robotic welding workstations and is constructed to be placed on a Siegmund steel clamping floor (or similar) with the corresponding grid and size of clamping holes.

Welding box

With the help of the new welding box from Siegmund, your series production will reach a new level.


Toggle clamps that serve not only as welding tools. We offer parallel clamps and clamps with moving arms.

Clamping floors

The static floor with symmetrically arranged grids enables precise anchoring and indexing of the fixture.


Manual and motorized welding positioners allow for easy manipulation of welded components, their adjustment to the optimal position, and thus achieving more precise welds.

Faro TracerM Laser Projector

Faro TracerM Laser Projector precisely projects a laser line onto a surface or object, providing a virtual pattern that operators and assemblers can use for fast and accurate positioning of components with absolute certainty. It can be mounted, for example, on a Siegmund welding modular kit.

Strong Hand Tools

A suitable complement to JC-Metal products and Siegmund welding tables and accessories are the products from Strong Hand Tools. Their diverse range of quick-release clamps, magnets (magnetic angle clamps), and pliers will help expand your capabilities in solving the challenges of workpiece positioning and clamping.

Alignment clamps TAG Pipe

If you are welding pipes, you will find British alignment clamps TAG Pipe very useful. The pipe welding clamps have a well-designed and robust design, their usage is easy, but most importantly, they will speed up and improve your work.

Disinfectant stand

We offer a product in the form of a disinfectant stand for public buildings, offices, and factories.

KEMPER Extraction Systems

Kemper's extraction technology is among the industry leaders. The goal of this German family-owned company has always been to experiment and set new trends. This has been the case since 1977 when the founders began addressing the issue of smoke removal in welding areas, known as spot extraction.