RY-UP toggle clamps

Toggle clamps and clamps are primarily designed for clamping in welding industry, assembly, or measuring fixtures, and welding positioners. The advantage of RY-UP toggle clamps is their precise design with emphasis on durability.

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For all standard models, hardened bearing housings at the joint locations of the moving parts of the lever mechanism and pins made of materials resistant to high loads during clamping are a matter of course.

All types of clamps are provided with corrosion protection through zinc coating and a plastic oil-resistant handle in a bright yellow color, which helps to easily identify the position of the clamping lever in the fixture.

Clamps can also be manufactured in stainless steel. An integral part of the entire range is accessories that further expand the range of applications for the clamps. We also offer clamp sets at discounted prices.

RY-UP toggle clamps

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