Rotating table height adjustable static

The Siegmund rotary table allows you to smoothly and accurately adjust the working height, but also to easily rotate the workpiece in the horizontal plane. Its big advantage is its compact dimensions, thanks to which it can also be placed in an area with a lack of space. It is available in a stationary version and in a mobile version with wheels. The height is locked using a locking lever.

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The table can be equipped with a Basic board, a perforated sheet or a Round perforated sheet with system holes of 16, 22 or 28 mm.

Fine adjustment of working height

  • Fine adjustment screws
  • Mounting in system openings

Smooth adjustment of working height

  • Easy adjustment of the ideal height using a threaded rod
  • Working height 780-1100 mm
  • Fixing the working height with a locking lever

Two types of frame

  • Sturdy base frame - stable foundation
  • Mobile base frame - for easy table movement

High load capacity

  • Maximum load capacity of the basic frame in fixed and mobile versions 1000 kg (without plate)

Different work surfaces

  • Holes: Ø 16 mm, Ø 22 mm, Ø 28 mm
  • High quality steel S355J2+N
  • High quality steel S355J2+N + plasma nitriding
  • Tool steel + plasma nitriding


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